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Mission Statement and Club Philosophy

    • To spread the knowledge and training methods of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. 
    • To make the public aware that there is authentic Jeet Kune Do training available in Hamilton and Brampton. 
    • To make the public aware of the difference between “sport” fighting and self-defense on the street.
    • Everyone can learn and train, no matter their fitness or skill level.  ANYONE CAN DO IT!
      (Our only requirement is students must be 18 years of age or older.)
    • To train with realism, intensity and purpose.
    • To train WITHOUT EGO!
    • Every training session will contain something useful for everyone.  What you take away from it, is up to you. Listening and asking questions is a great way to get a better understanding in any topic. Pretending that you already know what is being taught is a great way to learn nothing new.
    • Our instructors see themselves as “coaches”.  They are qualified with knowledge, experience and ability.  However they do not see themselves as “Superior Masters”.  The instructors will work directly with students during training and “get their hands dirty”, for the benefit of the students development.  Our Instructors are “Forever Students” themselves, always learning, growing and improving.

    About the Instructor

    "Todd Lambert has been my student for many, many years, and is one of the most competent, highly skilled and knowledgeable students that I have ever had, and I am more than proud to have him as one of my Apprentice Instructors! He is a great asset to my organization, and also a close personal friend of mine!

    .....Carry on Todd ... I for one am extremely proud of you! You are an asset to me, and also to anyone who has a serious interest in learning this art! I'll be seeing you guys soon! "

    Sifu Lamar M Davis - Certified Full Instructor under 5 of Bruce Lee's original students

    Hi!  My name is Todd Lambert and I am the lead instructor of Brampton Jeet Kune Do.  I started my Martial Arts training in 1994 in Hamilton when I began attending semi-private lessons in Wing Chun.  Wing Chun is the core material that makes up the art of Jeet Kune Do.  8 months later, I attended a seminar taught by Sifu Lamar Davis, a man who has been certified as a full instructor by 5 of Bruce Lee’s original students!  His skill and knowledge in all things JKD and Bruce Lee related is incredible.  The techniques and structure used in Wing Chun allowed me to learn aspects of JKD very quickly.  I could see that both arts were very devastating and direct.  The difference being that JKD was more fluid and encouraged greater mobility.  For a bigger man such as myself, this was a very valuable tool!

    The five years following this seminar were of intense training with a local instructor.  An average night of training would include; 1 hour of Wing Chun, 2 hours of Jeet Kune Do, and 1 hour of grappling.  This happened 3 to 5 times a week.  After that my instructor moved away from Hamilton, but we were left with quite a bit of knowledge and we didn’t want to stop training.  So that’s what we did.  We kept training, in basements, in parks, anywhere were there was enough space, we used it!

    Meanwhile, we started websites and were contacted by Sifu Lamar on our message forum!  He asked us if we would like to continue our training with him!  We were honoured and of course accepted his offer.  Over the years we have hosted Sifu Lamar in Hamilton to teach seminars and will continue to do so.  During those visits we would receive private lessons to advance our training.  We recently made the trip to his kwoon (school) for a training camp that was some of the best training I have ever experienced!

    In 2010, I moved from Hamilton to Brampton.  I continue to make trips to Hamilton Jeet Kune Do to train and assist in teaching classes.  Although I enjoyed training with friends that I have trained with for years, I wanted to start something closer to home.  In 2012 I held my first JKD workshop in Mississauga to modest interest.  I decided to move it even closer to home and started teaching workshops in Brampton in 2013. (Check the main page for the latest event info!) The workshops have been on Sundays and attended by small but dedicated groups of students.  I am looking to increase the interest in Jeet Kune Do in the Brampton area, and therefore increase the frequency of training events.  In 2014, I will be looking to have workshops close to monthly.  As interest increases, so will the number of workshops.

    A short term goal of Brampton Jeet Kune Do is to start weekly training session during the week.  These will start when the appropriate interest is in place.

    Events and/or classes may be attended and assisted by Hamilton Instructors Steve Brown, Greg Millar, Erik Pothast and James DeGreer.  There is 60 years of combined Jeet Kune Do experience between the 5 instructors. Three of us (Steve, Greg and myself) are certified as Level 5 Apprentice Instructors in the Hardcore Jeet Kune Do curriculum founded by Sifu Lamar Davis. Erik and James successfully passed their level 4 tests in April of 2014.

    I believe that Brampton Jeet Kune Do is a great opportunity for anyone that is interested in training in Bruce Lee's fighting methods. This can be the beginning of your Martial Arts journey, but the first step is up to you!

    If you are interested in joining us for a workshop, or have any questions, please contact me by e-mail: todd@bramptonjkd.com